• Young business people working together in office

    Understanding “Lazy” Millennials

    I’m sure we’ve all heard it: Millennials are lazy. They don’t work hard and they expect to be handed everything, whether it’s in their careers or otherwise. We enter the workforce expecting our employers to give us too much: higher salaries, bigger titles, more exposure. But, as a Millennial myself, [...]

  • Making Data-Driven Decisions

    Using Data to Make Decisions in a Mostly-Digital World

    Many people let data go stale. If you know how to interpret the information before you, you can make informed business decisions.

  • It's Not About You

    It’s Not About You.

    I've seen a lot of bad marketing that includes lackluster content, boring delivery, and poor use of media. But the one thing that unnerves me the most, and the error that I find most egregious, is when a brand focuses entirely on its own story and fails to acknowledge a customer [...]

Featured Project

Neal Keating at CBIA Economic Summit

Executive Keynote: CBIA Economic Summit

In late November 2018, I was asked to be a part of a small team to create a CEO keynote presentation package for the CBIA’s 2019 Economic Summit.