From the largest of corporations to the smallest of mom-and-pop shops, digital marketing initiatives and goals are rapidly taking precedence over older print-based programs. In looking at the large scope of this undertaking, however, many people overlook the details that can make their marketing efforts that much more effective. The following list is by no means inclusive, but represents a small number of simple activities that, if executed correctly, can make great impressions on customers, followers, and fans.

  1. Put a favicon on your website. A favicon is the little icon that appears in the browser next to the site URL, on the site tab, or in the bookmark bar. It can be placed on one-page personal websites and large multi-faceted applications, alike, and will make a difference to people who visit your web presence. While a favicon isn’t going to make or break a million dollar deal, it is going to show that you are attentive to every detail associated with your digital marketing plan, and looks a lot better on a browser favorites bar than a blank paper or (dare I say) Internet Explorer icon.
  2. Select site images that display on Apple devices. Much like putting a favicon on your site, setting iPhone and iPad browser images shows that you are detail-oriented and care about every facet of your web presence. These images are visible when links are saved to Safari on Apple’s mobile devices and can represent your brand while creating a sense of resonance and familiarity.
  3. Customize your social URLs.By now you should already know this, but if you don’t, you should do it immediately. Rather than causing your customers to type out seven trillion letters, numbers, and characters to find your company page, pick a URL that is easy to remember that people can simply enter into their browser to get to your page.
  4. Have an email list and create meaningful email content.There are so many wonderful companies with great products and services that don’t take advantage of their customer lists and contact information. Your customers engage with you because they already like you and if you continue to curate meaningful content, they will continue to like you. As long as you are careful to not abuse your access to their inboxes and abide by CAN-SPAM regulations, email is a great way to offer news, updates, and promotions to your customers. Bonus points for a custom email template that you have hand-crafted with HTML.
  5. Actually share content across digital platforms.Simply having profiles on social networks or a blog presence isn’t going to cut it. In order to take advantage of these networks, you must constantly share information with and engage with your followers (and potential followers). To customers and prospects, it’s extremely disheartening to visit the Facebook page or Twitter feed of your favorite brand, only to find that original content hasn’t been posted since 2009, there is minimal (if any) engagement with followers, and they haven’t updated their profile since dinosaurs roamed the earth. If you’re not going to cultivate a presence on a social network, you may be better off without one altogether.

Depending on the size of your operation, cultivating a digital presence doesn’t have to consist of a fifty-person team that is armed to the teeth with an arsenal of expensive tools. By paying attention to your appearance across the web as well as finding out the best ways to communicate with your following, you can be sure that you will flourish in the digital space.