Project Description

During the fall semester of my senior year at the University of Connecticut, I was elected chapter Public Relations Chair for my sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi. After taking a good, hard look at the Alpha Xi chapter’s website, it was clear to me that the site needed an overhaul so that the chapter could attract more qualified candidates during the recruitment cycle. By adding a photo library, embedding videos, and including relevant information about AEPhi’s philanthropy and events, I was able to create a more engaging website that attracted attention from sisters, potential new members, and members of other Greek organizations.

Before I began my project, social media sites were branded inconsistently (i.e. used different colors, logos, and writing styles) and were underutilized. By rebranding AEPhi’s Twitter and Facebook presences as well as establishing a Tumblr blog (which were all integrated as feeds into the website), I was able to create a better brand presence for the AEPhi UConn chapter.

AEPhi Social Media