In late November 2018, I was asked to be a part of a small team comprised of Kaman’s VP of Investor Relations, VP of Government Relations & Communications, and Chief Executive Officer Neal Keating to create a keynote presentation package for the CBIA‘s 2019 Economic Summit, held at the beginning of January. Over the course of a month and a half, the team worked to identify Mr. Keating’s key message, which would be presented to an audience of 400 individuals from both Connecticut businesses and government agencies.

Once the other team members had culled through economic data, I was tasked with presenting the data in a meaningful and engaging manner; distilling the data so that laypeople and government officials, alike, could understand the presentation; and working with Mr. Keating to create talking points.

Testimonials & Feedback

Great job of highlighting the state’s issues in a way that we could all understand. Would love to see your message get out to our legislators.

Chairman of the Board, Aerospace Company

I thought the presentation was outstanding. It may sound strange, but the fairly simple approach, such as featuring the State of CT and Kaman flags together on the “Objectives” slide just hit me really hard, I thought it was great.

Chief Executive Officer, Connecticut Company