Project Description

My Kaman Health is a website that was launched in April of 2018 with the goal of better educating Kaman Corporation’s employee population on the additional benefits and resources available to those dealing with chronic conditions. At the time of launch, the site featured information on both Diabetes Management and Cancer Support Programs.

I was able to create this site by liaising with internal Kaman teams, heath insurance providers, employee assistance program providers, and subject matter experts. All channels flowed through me, and we were able to remain on track through detailed project management processes and regular meetings.

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Cancer Support Program

The more the team dug into the complexities of a cancer diagnosis, the more frustrated we became with how patients and their caregivers consume information online. Many sites were hard to navigate, and finding the exact information one needs can be trying during an already confusing and stressful time. In order to remedy this problem, I sought out to build out sections of the site catering to patients, caregivers, and managers/coworkers. I also integrated a centers of excellence locator based on the National Cancer Institute’s designated facilities, which would point people to treatment centers of excellence and inform them of whether those hospitals were in or out of the insurance provider network.

My Kaman Health cancer microsite on desktop
Person accessing My Kaman Health on mobile phone

Diabetes Management Program

About a year and a half before we launched the My Kaman Health site, Kaman started the Diabetes Management Program, which provides medical supplies and medications to employees and dependents on the Kaman health plan who have been diagnosed with diabetes. We added a section to the site in an effort to continue promoting this program and provide additional information to individuals who may be helping family members with the disease or those who may be pre-diabetic. This section contains tools and information for both adults and children.

Behavioral Health Resources

A successful, caring company makes sure that employees and their families have the necessary resources to deal with mental health issues. Which is why behavioral health resources were added to the site in 2019 after its original launch. This section features emergency resources for individuals in crisis and provides them with the information they need to put their health first. It also includes information on conditions ranging from substance abuse disorders to bipolar disorder and anxiety. When building out this site, we also recognized that mindfulness practices and meditation were equally important for individuals in maintaining mental health and positivity.

Preventive Care Resources

It’s important that employees take advantage of free preventive health services provided by all insurance providers (as required by the Affordable Care Act). Visiting the doctor annually not only allows people to gauge their overall health and establish a baseline; it also helps identify potential areas of concern and tackles diseases before they become serious and costly. By providing employees with resources on preventive care screenings for every age group, preventive care medications, and a list of questions to ask their doctor, they can become conscious health care consumers and take the lead in living healthy lives.