Ello, a new ad-free social network, has been getting much buzz across the internet over the past few days. The premise of the site is simple: share information with your friends and/or thought leaders in an entirely ad-free space, allowing for the free flow of ideas without the distraction of promoted content or algorithms designed to show users sponsored content.

Much like Twitter, upon joining Ello, you are required to choose a unique username (that begins with the @ symbol). Once you create your username, you are brought to your personal page, where you can upload a profile photo and cover photo a-la Facebook. Now that your profile is configured, you can discover people across the network and “Friend” them in order to see their most recent posts on your dashboard feed. At first glance, there is no discernible character or word limit for posts, and users are can post images in addition to text.

While it sounds a whole lot like the mainstream networks that we’ve come to love and hate, Ello’s UI cuts through the noise, producing an easily navigable user experience built on three main components: following, commenting, and posting. As of now, users cannot share others’ content (such as Twitter’s retweet feature or Facebook’s ‘share’ button). In Ello, original content is king.

As more people join Ello, the network will become more engaging, causing more users to sign up. Why do I believe that people will register for Ello accounts? Because as news breaks of Pinterest and Instagram opting to increase advertising efforts, I foresee more people moving to platforms like Ello in an effort to escape paid content. As the site grows, it will most definitely be interesting to see how its founders plan to monetize and cultivate their business.

Currently, Ello is in beta and is invite-only. If you would like to join me on the network, feel free to drop me a line or comment below and I will send you an invitation code. If you’re already on Ello, friend me @janavim!